2000 AD prog 1901 cover

The cover of 2000 AD prog 1901, by Nick Percival

Narrator: "His name was Ichabod and he was a killer, yes... but he loved. And the most unlikely of redemptions offered herself up to him. Took his soiled head upon her fresh shoulder, soothed his tumult and capacious temper. Whispered silken truths. Gave rage rest... for a brief time." 2000 AD prog 1901.

Novelist: "No, no, no! It's forced and overwrought and the lead lacks a goal and it plainly doesn't work, you cretin! You imbecile! You fat ugly mound of—" 2000 AD prog 1902.

Narrator: "Death was not to be feared. Ichabod had ended and restarted myriad times since a child's bullet banished him from mortal lands. Death was just another barrier..." 2000 AD prog 1903.

Ichabod: "I have murdered all mortal life and came here to give reckoning to God. What care I for hope? So come forth, aberration. Come see how I protect mine." 2000 AD prog 1905.

Ichabod: "She came to me like lightning and thunder combined! She put joy and tears and life within me... and then she was gone." 2000 AD prog 1906.

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