By Alan Davis

Angry Thorkwung

By Alan Davis

Thorkwung: "You are charged with arson, kidnapping, theft, grievous wounding, possession of unlawful atomic weapons, taking and driving away, conspiracy to overthrow the government, covetting thy neighbour's ox, graverobbing, torture, criminal libel, blackmail, polluting the environment, shoplifting, 714 separate driving offences, forging sacred relics, transmuting base metal into gold, genocide, spitting and thirty-two offences so unusual and horrible that they do not have names." 2000 AD prog 350.

D.R.: "What is the appellation of this complete and utter judicial dirtwad?" Ibid.

Thorkwung: "Dobbs, you evil, depraved little son of a sluzzgreep! I'll make sure you never see daylight again for this!" Ibid. (NB: the word 'sluzzgreeps' dates from 2000 AD prog 203, where it appeared in a Future Shock by Alan Moore and Ian Gibson.)

Thorkwung: "When you come up for trial in a week or so I'm going to destroy you, you warped little fiend! Look at what your maniac friends have done to my neighbourhood!"

D.R.: "Hey, man, did I hear you refer to these unfortunate and damaged products of the insanity that is war as maniacs? That is the most totally uncharitable attitude that I have ever experienced, man!" 2000 AD prog 351.

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