Thoth 3

By Kevin O'Neill

Thoth headshot

By Bryan Talbot


By Bryan Talbot

Female Warlock: "What a dear little homunculus!"

Male Warlock (slapping Nemesis on the back): "Well done, that Warlock!" 2000 AD prog 337.

Chira: "To help you survive, I transfer my mystic force to you... so that, one day, you will be even greater than your father. I give you... the power!" 2000 AD prog 347.

Narrator: "Thoth was still very young... who knew what it was capable of when it grew up? Apart from its own powers, it had inherited those of its mother — and the female Warlock was always deadlier than the male." 2000 AD prog 406.

Narrator: "Thoth had decided... this human — all humans — must suffer! And his father — he, too, would suffer, for deserting his wife and son when they needed him. Thoth hated Nemesis most of all!" Ibid.

Torquemada: "Uugh! Foul is the fruit of the warlock!" 2000 AD prog 441.

Thoth: "Don't die, Thing... Please don't die!"

Narrator: "Despite his vast talents, Thoth was still a child. He'd lost his mother — he couldn't lose his pet now..." 2000 AD prog 443.

Torquemada: "I've no desire to find your gargoyle. I hope the little freak kills himself." 2000 AD prog 444.

Narrator: "He realised it was not Satanus who had grown tired of killing (for that's something a tyrannosaur never tires of — especially Satanus). He had become sickened by the carnage. He was growing up." 2000 AD prog 552.

Nemesis (narrating): "We were a race in decay. Many of us had grown senile. Then the egg came. And the promise of new life. Thoth. You ended it with a chain sword." 2000 AD prog 586.

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