Obergruppensucker: "Sounds too good to be true, Sucks-Fuhrer! What if the Dictators are lying?"

Sucks-Fuhrer: "No, Obergruppensucker — they're too stupid to lie! Anyway, our troops need fresh thrills. These dictators leave a bad taste in your trunk!" 2000 AD prog 308.

Tharg: "Little did your species know that microscopic lifeforms called Thrill-Suckers were thriving on your world — travelling from host to host via the lesser publications that you Terrans unfortunately had to settle for prior to my arrival — and feasting on all the fun and excitement your circuits were already struggling to generate. It was [a] grey, torpid state of affairs, and with the thermonuclear emergence of the zarjaz 2000 AD I vaporised those parasitic creatures, and set about re-energising the human race." 2000 AD prog 1952.

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