Tiger Commander 1
Tiger Commander: "Glad to see you're still awake, scum. You'd better be off to the vats before you fall asleep again. Take him away!" 2000 AD prog 216.

Tiger Commander: "A stirring sight, master, but did you need two of these things as extra bodyguards? Have I not served you well?"

Leeshar: "They will guard me until Stone is dead! Now, if you'll excuse me, Tiger Commander!" 2000 AD prog 221.

"Like all Yujees, Tiger Commander was a creation of human science. His intelligence had been raised to that of a human, but his useful animal characteristics had been retained. For example, the fearsome claws which could kill with one blow, and the guttural snarl which could make even a human snap to attention." 2000 AD annual 1984.

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