Toby 2
Rodice: "Tobe, is it true you have tiny little aluminium fleas?

Toby: "No, but I got great big presteel incisors, echo-skull..." 2000 AD prog 378.

Rodice: "You know what it is with you, Toby? You know why your personality's so hostile and twisted? It's because you've got cybernetic rabies..." 2000 AD prog 381.

Halo Jones: "Toby, it was you! It was you who killed Brinna!"

Toby: "For love, girly... I did it all for love!" 2000 AD prog 411.

Toby: "Don't lie to me. I can hear your heartbeat accelerating. You're frightened of me, and you're trying to buy time until you can betray me. That means I'm going to have to kill you, too. I'm sorry, girly. We could have made some sweet sounds together..." 2000 AD prog 412.

Toby: "Don't worry. These teeth are like razors. You won't feel a thing." 2000 AD prog 413.

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