Tor Cyan
John Tomlinson: "He's a trained fighter who genuinely wants to live the quiet life, but he's always drawn back to death and killing because of who and what he is. He can never really escape. But much as I wanted to write about Cyan's conscience, readers reacted against the Hamlet-like hand wringing. They just wanted to see some old fashioned ass-kicking." Thrill-Power Unleashed by David Bishop.

Fenna Westerbak: "You people want a couple more scarves?"

Tor Cyan: "Don't sweat it — I'm always this colour." 2000 AD prog 1124.

Tor Cyan: "He died a long time ago. But his bloodline survived in me. And the killing continued."

Lilla: "Lighten up, big guy. I mean, the killing also ended long ago -- and if there was hope for Nu Earth, how can it be too late for you?" 2000 AD prog 2000 (published December 1999).

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