Toy Molto
Halo Jones (writing to Rodice): "She's really nice. She's seven feet tall and yesterday, when one of the slabs smartmouthed me, she broke his wrist. She's the toughest woman I ever met. You'd hate her." 2000 AD prog 406.

Bystander 1: "Chop's teeth! She's a giant!"

Bystander 2: "How did they get a uniform to fit her?" 2000 AD prog 452.

Toy Molto: "I'm big, and I'm loud, and I never let anybody know what I'm feeling. Sometimes it's so difficult... I... I really like you, Halo."

Halo: "Well, sure. I like you too, Toy. You're my best friend."

Toy: "Sure. Best friends. That's what I meant." 2000 AD prog 457.

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