Ulysses sweet

By Alex Ronald

Guy Adams: "I wanted to channel that subversive, out-of-control feeling 2000 AD had instilled in the ten-year-old me. The character was inherently comical — who hires a maniac? — so I imagined an assassin so excessive that he was a force of nature, someone unemployable and utterly certifiable." Thrill-Power Overload, extended edition.

Ulysses Sweet: "I want the old chip back. I... miss her." 2000 AD prog 2015.

Ulysses Sweet: "I was beaten to sleep every night by my social worker. Never did me any harm." 2000 AD prog 1914.

Ulysses Sweet: "You want to talk numbers, science lady? Let's talk about how many people I've killed. It's a big number. So big I don't know it. So big I can't remember when I stopped knowing it. That's what I do. And don't think it upsets me. That I'm tortured by all the death. No. I think it's cool as hell." 2000 AD prog 1915.

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