Van Owen

By Jim Baikie

Van Owen: "I know what procedures are, Mr Aubrey. We have procedures beck where I come from. "Dogs, detection, destruction and denials"... That's what I call a procedure." 2000 AD prog 312.

Van Owen: "For the past three days you hev been harbouring a possible alien spy. A creature from outer space. A monster. What did you tell it? You said you told it about Earth. What did you tell it, Missy? Did it ask you ebout our setellite defences? Our missiles? Did it say ennything ebout politics?" 2000 AD prog 316.

Doctor: "I.. I think he's saying ‘You are the aliens.’"

Van Owen: "Ha ha ha! Is he? Well, you tell him from me, doctor... ...not here we're not. Not HERE." 2000 AD prog 318.

Narrator: "The dark, hating man has come to talk to him again. As ever, he is full of ugly emotion and stupid questions. It's like a game that they play. If Interpreter Zhcchz loses, they will keep him here indefinitely... and if he wins, they will also keep him here indefinitely. It is a futile game, a game without a point... But there is nothing else to do... except play the game." 2000 AD prog 321.

Van Owen: "It is a monster! Are you incapable of understending thet? It shouldn't be elive. I want thet error rectified..." 2000 AD prog 328.

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