Venus by Mark Harrison

By Mark Harrison

Venus Holden O'Grady

By PJ Holden and Len O'Grady

First Nort: "A blue woman!"

Second Nort: "She's a G.I. — one of the females! What a catch!" 2000 AD prog 337.

Helm: "Easy, Venus. I'm here."

Venus Bluegenes: "Ha! I don't want you, never did! You're weak! Weak people deserve to die!" 2000 AD prog 338.

Venus: "They were weak, Rogue... weak! I was the only G.I. on board and there were only enough emergency rations to support one person. But the others wanted to share the rations. So I killed them and dumped their bodies in the lagoon. Don't you see, Rogue? We G.I.s are the future. We're ultra-humes. It was only logical that I should be the one to live." 2000 AD prog 339.

Friday (narrating): "Venus glides up to me like a blue panther. G.I.s were engineered to leave no detectable scent, but what the hell — she smells gorgeous." 2000 AD prog 937.

Venus: "One hundred and thirty-four."

Mercenary: "What's that, freak?"

Venus: "One hundred and thirty-four hours. How long since I had to kill someone. Felt good while it lasted." 2000 AD prog 2037.

Traitor General: "I watched them design you. I watched them build you. I know all your strengths... and just how much force to use to counteract them." 2000 AD prog 2038.

Traitor General: "G.I.s aren't suicidal. You cost too much for that to be allowed. A strong self-preservation imperative was hardwired into your genetic design."

Venus: "You forget I'm damaged goods... the crazy bitch who loved one of her fellow blue-skinned freaks and went renegade to help him. Was that hardwired into my genetic design too?" 2000 AD prog 2039.

Trasker: "A female G.I..."

Venus: "Use the D-word. I dare you." 2000 AD prog 2042.

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