D.R. 2

By Alan Davis

D.R. in the army

By Alan Davis

D. R. 3

By Alan Davis

D.R. and Chrysoprasia

By Alan Davis

D.R. & Quinch star pin-up

By Alan Davis

D.R.: "In fact, even had I suspected then the truly horrifying suffering and amazing loss of life that would be caused by our well-meaning enterprise... I'd have done it anyway. Only more so." 2000 AD prog 350.

Pulger: "Listen, I can't thank you kids enough..."

D.R. (narrating): "He didn't have to thank me. Just the look on his happy, hideously mangled face was enough to give me a warm glow inside. Charitable deeds! There's nothing better..." 2000 AD prog 351.

D.R. on Chrysoprasia: "I tried to concentrate on something worthwhile like forging bank notes and making a shrink gun. Stuff like that... It didn't work. Everytime I picked up an imploder cap I saw her face." 2000 AD prog 352.

D.R. during his brief acting career: "A horse! A horse! Somebody give me a horse, man, because I come to bury this dirtball, not to praise him. Whaddya think I am? Whether it's nobler for the mind to make people suffer with all these totally outrageous arrows for a fortune, or what! But, like, soft, man... What's all this light that through yonder window breaks?" 2000 AD prog 354.

D.R.: "Y'know... a kiss on the hand may be quite continental, man... but tactical thermonuclear weaponry is a guy's best friend!"

Quinch: "S'right." Ibid.

D.R. (narrating): "As a famous poet once said 'Discretion is, like, the better part of valour, like, totally'. Incidentally, it was not me who said this amazingly true stuff, but another famous poet." 2000 AD prog 357.

D.R. (narrating): "All at once I understood just why it is that men fight each other. I suddenly saw the answer to all this senseless violence that afflicts us! But, like, I didn't write it down or anything... And, like, y'know how it is — next morning I had totally forgotten what it was, man." 2000 AD prog 359.

D.R.: "Hey man, this is symbolism!! The nuns and flamingoes are totally vital to the plot! You see, the nuns are, like, a symbol of happiness, man, while the flamingoes represent something incredibly unusual that I have, like forgotten about." 2000 AD prog 366.

D.R.: "Like, sparing no expense, I have erected signs that will warn people against touching these unbelievably menacing oranges, man. Each sign is twelve metres high, bearing the words 'Danger! Do not touch these monstrously hazardous citrus fruits, man!' in fluorescent lettering." Ibid.

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