2000 AD prog 287 cover

By Alan Davis

Warden Worldwise

By Alan Davis

Harry Twenty (thinking): "This guy is one crazy weasel!" 2000 AD prog 291.

Warden Worldwise: "There's no freedom on Earth. Why do you think they put the High Rock up here in the first place? Why do you think the Western Bloc, Russo-China and Pan-Africa launched an orbiting prison? I'll tell you why — to keep the troublemakers out of their way! The political rebels — the terrorists — the malcontents — the scum of the world! That's who the High Rock was built for! They gave me one brief when they made me warden: 'Do what you want', they said. 'The High Rock is yours. Just one thing', they said. 'No prisoner must ever escape!' And do you know something, Harry Twenty! NO PRISONER EVER HAS! Take him away! Condemned!" 2000 AD prog 302.

Harry Twenty: "Look, Red, you sucker — he's the one we should be fightin'! He's the one allows the slugs to use us cons like punch-bags! He's the one that keeps this whole hell going!"

Big Red One: "Y-yeah... maybe you're right, Twenty... but there ain't nothin' we can do about it!" 2000 AD prog 303.

Warden Worldwise: "Mount riot cannon on the topmost deck. Keep those scum in their snakepit!" 2000 AD prog 304.

Warden: "Earth is on my side. THEY'RE COMING TO WIPE YOU OUT!" 2000 AD prog 305.

Warden: "That's right, numbers! Your end is nigh!" 2000 AD prog 306.

Warden (last words): "Die, you scummy number!" 2000 AD prog 307.

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