Starlord issue 1

Starlord #1 (artist: Ramon Sola)

Wulf Sternhammer

From the 2000 AD annual of 1986, by Carlos Ezquerra

2000 AD prog 369 cover

By Carlos Ezquerra

2000 AD prog 469 cover

By Carlos Ezquerra

Karl Stock: "The death of Wulf Sternhammer. After the first Max Bubba saga had dragged on a little too long, the short, sharp, sadistic brutality of the final episode hit like a punch in the gut ... This was the moment my childhood ended and I realised everyone dies." 2000 AD prog 2061.

Johnny Alpha: "Why d'you stick with me, Wulf? You don't have to be a bounty hunter! You're no mutant!"

Wulf Sternhammer: "Comrades ve are, Johnny! Vere you go, Wulf go!" Starlord #1.

Johnny Alpha: "Ready for some hand-to-hand?"

Wulf Sternhammer: "Ja, alvays! My Happy Stick itches for more skulls to crack!" Starlord #4.

Wulf Sternhammer: "Alvays villing to say hello to a friendly alien."

Friendly alien: "AAAHHH! DINNNEERR!" Starlord #14.

Nigel Webster (Johnny's brother-in-law): "How are you keeping, old chap?"

Wulf Sternhammer: "Vulf is alive, Nigel. Is enough." Starlord #17.

Civilian: "W-we heard shooting! What's going on? Oh my grief!"

Wulf Sterhammer: "Vermin extermination. Nothing to vorry about, old cucumber!" 2000 AD prog 335.

Wulf Sternhammer (thinking): "Der island of der living dead is der place of pure evil. Only madmen und fools go willingly there. Und Johnny is no fool... he is my friend, und I cannot let him go alone!" 2000 AD prog 338.

Wulf Sternhammer: "Ve are bounty-hunters. Ve hunt men for money, ja, but ve only hunt der guilty. Killing for der sake of killing - ve do not do this. Is sick." 2000 AD prog 359.

Narrator: "What he sees in Wulf Sternhammer is a vulgar, drunken rogue — but a good man to have on your side in a fight. A man who will not lightly betray a trust." 2000 AD prog 449.

Wulf: "Sorry, Johnny Veird-Eyes... See... See you in Valhalla!" 2000 AD prog 465.

Wulf: "Ach, Johnny! Alvays you are brooding. Vy can you not forget der past? Live a little — enjoy life!"

Johnny Alpha: "Enjoy? How can I, big feller? It's my fault you're dead!"

Wulf: "Vas not your fault! Vas Max Bubba!"

Johnny Alpha: "You'd never have met Bubba if you hadn't decided to string along with me."

Wulf: "Ja, but if ve had never met, Vulf vould have died over a thousand years ago! You see — ve didn't have it so bad!"

Johnny Alpha: "You're just trying to confuse me with your crazy Viking logic!" 2000 AD prog 472.