Grant Morrison: "I like the idea that Zenith's a character who ages alongside me in his own little world. I can always go back and do Zenith at 50 or 70, which should be fun. Every time he appears now it's more and more cynical." Thrill-Power Unleashed by David Bishop.

Zenith: "I'm nineteen, I can fly, I can flatten ballbearings between my fingers and I'm practically invulnerable to damage. I mean, let's face it... what can possibly go wrong?" 2000 AD prog 536.

Dr Peyne: "I must admit that after reading his interviews and listening to his so-called 'music', I'd come to the conclusion that Zenith was completely witless." 2000 AD prog 591.

Zenith (being interviewed at the age of fifty): "'I cringe when I think of who I used to be: the cocksureness of youth, the vanity, the terrible records...' He barks a laugh. 'I feel pretty embarrassed looking back on it. But I'm sure that's the same with everyone. We all must shudder when we're reminded of our teenage narcissism.'" 2000 AD prog 2050.

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