Toy Molto

Toy Molto
Real name
Toy Molto
Private Molto
In love with Halo Jones
Base of operations

Seven feet
Unusual features
Her height
Marital status
Soldier; former stewardess
First appearance

2000 AD prog 406
2000 AD prog 457


Toy Molto was a belligerent but loyal and warm-hearted woman who featured in Book II and Book III of The Ballad of Halo Jones. She shared a cabin with Halo on the starliner Clara Pandy, where they were both stewardesses in 4949 AD, and they quickly became close friends. The Glyph was in their cabin too, but they both ignored it.

Toy's time on the Clara Pandy was uneventful, apart from the time she and Halo were nearly killed by the savage robot dog Toby. When off duty she passed the time by wrestling with a robot arm, which she always beat. Halo left the ship in 4951, but she and Toy were reunited in 4960 on the planet Pwuc, where Toy was recruiting for the Terran army (despite the fact that she'd only joined it a fortnight ago). In the years they were apart she'd lost her left ear — a woman bit it off in a fight — and had it replaced by an implant that could pick up audio-soaps, of which she was an avid fan. Toy persuaded Halo to join the army too.

Six weeks into their first tour of duty, on the planet Lobis Loyo, Toy's foot was badly injured when the platoon's sweepjeep ran over a mole mine in the Petrified Jungle. She tried to tell Halo how she really felt about her, but Halo didn't realise what she was saying. The wound became infected and Toy died while Halo was dragging her back to base on a stretcher.

Powers and abilities


Her implant can pick up audio-soaps such as Satellite of Sin, Space Hospital and Trans-Solar Dentist.


Arm-wrestling; soldiering; parachuting; blinding people with her thumbs.

Strength level

Higher than peak human female.



Audio implant where left ear used to be; parachute suit; pair of wrist expanders; This Season's Soaps holo-guide.


The Clara Pandy; glory-barge (military recruiting vehicle); sweepjeep; stretcher.




Toy Molto appeared after her death in prog 500 of 2000 AD, which revisited classic stories and characters. In this posthumous cameo she was winning a game of strip poker with Sam C Slade (the 'C' stands for 'cleaned out').


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