Tracy Weld

Tracy Weld by Simon Davis 2
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Tracy Weld
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2000 AD prog 1055
2000 AD prog 1951


Tracy Weld is a character from the 2000 AD strip Sinister Dexter. She was a homicide detective in the city of Downlode, and the former partner of officer Rocky Rhodes. In her first story Rocky had to knock her unconscious to prevent her from arresting the gunsharks Ramone Dexter and Finnigan Sinister: she was convinced that they were murderers who needed to be brought to justice, whereas Rocky saw them as a necessary evil who killed criminals that the cops couldn't touch. When Tracy came round she witnessed a federal agent order an air strike on Dexter and Sinister's hiding place, despite the fact that civilians would have been killed. This caused her to realise that the system she was working for was just as morally dubious as the gunsharks it was hunting. (The air strike was later cancelled.)

The no-longer-naïve Tracy subsequently began an illicit romantic relationship with Dexter but was forced to shoot him when he killed a cop in self-defence, which led to her leaving the force. She later used her inside knowledge — specifically, prison security codes — to help Dexter's partner Sinister break him out of jail. And the fact that Tracy was able to access these codes while she was on suspension for having an affair with a gunshark tells you everything you need to know about the competence of Downlode's police force.

Tracy's whereabouts since Dexter and Sinister accidentally erased themselves from the memories of every single person in existence (because they killed The Mover, who was from another universe, and he sort of exploded extra-dimensional energy over them) are unclear.

Powers and abilities


Armed combat.

Strength level

Human female who gets regular strenuous exercise.


Handsome Spanish guys with weird eyes, clearly.





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