Trevor Hairsine is a comics artist who began his career drawing Harmony for the Judge Dredd Megazine before moving on to work for 2000 AD, a title he had grown up reading (along with Marvel UK; he actually submitted samples to both when trying to break into the business, but when Marvel editor Paul Neary phoned him, he couldn't hear him properly and did not have the nerve to call him back). Strips he drew for 2000 AD in the 1990s included Judge Dredd; Anderson, Psi-Division; Strontium Dogs; Pulp Sci-Fi; and Mercy Heights. However, halfway through drawing Missionary Man he quit comics altogether due to financial and personal pressures and spent some time working in the computer games industry as a concept artist. He returned to comics after about a year and has since worked in the US comics industry, notably for Marvel Comics on their Ultimate titles, X-Men, Captain America and the superhero/spy limited series Wisdom, as well as for a number of independent publishers on titles including the as yet unfinished Cla$$war for Com.X.