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The Tribe of Gum were a tribe native to prehistoric Earth who were encountered by The Doctor and his companions Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright and Susan Foreman and who forced the time travelers to give them the secret of making fire.

Following the travelers' departure, the alien Prometheans appeared to the tribe as gods and gave them superhuman abilities, enabling them to traverse time and space at will, as an experiment. Led by Za and his trusted aides Hur and Horg, the tribe went searching for Ian and Barbara, their "teachers", but eventually rebelled against their Promethean masters when Ian, Barbara and a much older and many times regenerated Doctor revealed to them that the aliens planned to reverse humanity's evolution and leave the planet back in the Stone Age. The Tribe of Gum apparently all perished while using the powers the Prometheans had given them to destroy the aliens themselves, though not before Za and Hur finally found the words to express their love for one another.

Powers and abilities


Various, mostly undocumented.


The Tribe of Gum first appeared in the very first Doctor Who TV serial, An Unearthly Child, in 1963 and were created by writer Anthony Coburn. They were revived in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip in 2013 by Scott Gray as part of the magazine's celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who. .


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