Real name
Base of operations

Created by MacTaggart
First appearance

TV Comic #748


The Trods were a race of robots created on the human colony world of Trodos by a man named MacTaggart to aid him in his conquest of the planet. The time traveller known as The Doctor and his grandchildren John and Gillian overcame the Trods and deactivated them, but they were reactivated some time later by another unscrupulous individual who tried to use them to kill the Doctor himself. Once again, the time traveller defeated the creatures and, reprogramming them, ordered them to melt themselves down.

The Trods eventually returned without explanation, now apparently independent, and destroyed the planet Arcalis. Later still, they constructed a space/time craft of their own and used it to pursue the Doctor to prehistoric Earth, where they were again defeated. By this time, they were led by the somewhat ridiculosly named Super Trod.

Centuries ater their first encounter, the Doctor and his companions returned to Trodos to make peace with their former foes. Unfortunately, the Daleks had learned of their intentions and arrived on Trodos first, massacring the Trods and setting an ambush. Escaping the trap, the Doctor joined forces with the few surviving Trods to battle the Daleks. The Doctor and his grandchildren escaped, but the fate of the remaining Trods is unknown; presumably, the Daleks destroyed them.


The Trods were created as surrogate Daleks, since the Daleks themselves were then being used by City Publications in TV Century 21, and were therefore off-limits to TV Comic. When TV Comic publishers Polystyle acquired the rights to the Daleks, the Trods became redundant.


In one story, models of Trods are seen in a 'Time Museum', labelled as "space warmongers for generations". This scene is an obvious homage to the appearance of a defunct Dalek in the TV Doctor Who story The Space Museum, while the story Pursued by the Trods mirrors the TV story The Chase which also featured the Daleks.


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