Vienna Dredd

Real name
Vienna Dredd
Vienna Pasternak
Chief Judge Fargo (clone 'grandfather'); Rico Dredd (father, deceased); Fabienne Brown (mother, deceased); Joe Dredd (father's clone); Judge Rico (father's clone); Dolman (father's clone); Nimrod (father's clone, deceased); foetus (child)
Base of operations
Mega-City One

Marital status
Extra-judicial liaison
Place of birth
First appearance
Last appearance

2000 AD prog 116
2000 AD prog 2011 (published Jan 2017)


Vienna is a character from the 2000 AD strip Judge Dredd. She is the daughter of the renegade Judge Rico Dredd, who was a clone of the man who instituted Mega-City One's legal system, Chief Judge Fargo. She was conceived after he had been sentenced to imprisonment on Titan, when he had sex in his prison cell with a journalist called Fabienne Brown who was writing an exposé on the penal colony and ended up exposing more than she had originally intended to. When Dredd found out he sentenced Fabienne to two years in the iso-cubes for "fraternising with a prisoner." While in the cubes she was attacked and killed by another inmate, and the infant Vienna was given to a guardian called Mrs Pasternak. Joseph Dredd visited her regularly, pushing her on the swings and even calling her "darling." But when Vienna was kidnapped by a man whom Dredd had previously arrested, and who wanted revenge, Dredd decided once he'd rescued her that it was too dangerous for her to know him any more. She loved him, and that would only make it harder for her when the inevitable happened and he died in the line of duty. Vienna and Mrs Pasternak were sent to Brit-Cit.

Twenty-three years later Vienna, now an actor, returned to Mega-City One and confronted Dredd about his decision to sever contact with her: "Didn't it occur to you, Uncle Joe, that maybe it's better to love someone and lose them than never to be loved at all?" Dredd didn't tell her that he had been monitoring her from afar: "Hadn't he always kept an eye on her? Hadn't he read every school report they'd sent him, watched her grow up from a computer terminal an ocean away?" However, his job meant that he had to break his promise to attend a performance of her play, and Vienna returned to Brit-Cit feeling bitterly disappointed.

Dredd then got a call from Mrs Pasternak telling him that Vienna had gone missing. This came as a shock, not least because Mrs Pasternak had died the month before. It turned out that Vienna had been kidnapped, drugged and brainwashed by Satanists who wanted to use her to lure Dredd to them so they could sacrifice him to release a demon — the sacrifice of "someone infinitely good" was required. Dredd assured them that they'd got the wrong guy. Just as the Satanist in whose body the demon was allegedly trapped was about to kill Dredd, a bolt of lightning struck the ceremonial dagger and incinerated him. Dredd's response was, "Guess somebody up there likes me!"

Left severely traumatised and amnesiac by her ordeal, Vienna was taken back to Mega-City One by Dredd, who vowed to care for her diligently until she was well again. As she recovered, dealing with agoraphobia and panic attacks, she struck up a relationship with Dredd's clones Rico and Dolman, and the hideously deformed Dredd-clone named Nimrod. Vienna was asked to give her permission for Nimrod to be euthanised, because Dredd refused to have anything to do with the matter and she was therefore Nimrod's next of kin. Before she could do this Nimrod saved her from a would-be rapist when she was trapped under a piece of debris following a terrorist bomb attack. Unfortunately, he was left so severely injured by his actions, and by being shot by an H-wagon, that Dredd had to execute him as an act of mercy. This harrowing sequence of events left Vienna hospitalised and wanting nothing more to do with her 'Uncle Joe'.

After a hospital worker discovered Vienna's true identity she was kidnapped by a Sov agent who had pretended to be her boyfriend and had murdered her best friend. Dredd rescued her again, and she saved his life by shooting a man who was about to snap his neck. Vienna subsequently discovered that the Sov agent had caused her to become pregnant. The foetus was removed from her womb for 'pre-natal adoption', and its eventual fate is currently unknown.

The serial killer PJ Maybe tried to kidnap Vienna in 2138 AD because he was angry that Dredd was hunting for him. This backfired spectacularly when it emerged that Dredd had anticipated this and that the woman Maybe had abducted was an undercover Judge masquerading as Vienna. The Judge wounded Maybe before escaping, and he was quickly hunted down and killed by Dredd.

Despite her unfortunate origins and even more unfortunate adulthood, riddled as it has been with a plethora of traumas, Vienna is a sensible, decent and basically self-sufficient individual who has a strong affection (tinged by mild disapproval) for Judge Dredd (her 'Uncle Joe') and for his clone, Judge Rico (named after her father). She loves them as her family but has grave misgivings about the system of justice they represent. Dredd, in turn, has a grudging affection for Vienna, the only person he seems willing to concede such feelings for. Vienna keeps in touch with Dredd's other clone, Dolman, regarding herself as the equivalent of his big sister. She is currently dating a man called Jared, who teaches at Mega-City University.

Powers and abilities


Strong survival instinct because of her Fargo DNA; manages to put up with everything life has thrown at her.

Strength level

Human female who gets minimal regular exercise.


(Formerly) Agoraphobia and panic attacks.



(Occasionally) Dredd's Lawmaster bike.


Firearm given to her by Judge Rico.


Vienna's address in Brit-Cit was 14b Bride Mansions, Ludgate Enclave. Her apartment contained photos of Mrs Pasternak and her father, and a book full of newspaper cuttings about Dredd.


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