Initially created by Leo Baxendale, Wham!, the first of the Odhams Power Comics line, ran for 187 issues between 20th June 1964 and 13th January 1968. It featured a mix of humorous strips such as Baxendale's The TiddlersSammy Shrink; Eagle Eye, Junior Spy (which also introduced Grimly Feendish) and The Wacks. Brian Lewis drew Georgie's Germs and Pest of the West.

In later issues Wham! featured reprints of American Marvel comics material such as the Fantastic Four. It later merged with sister title Pow! which lasted until 7th September 1968, although Wham! and Pow! Annuals were published by Fleetway as late as 1974. The last Wham! Annual without Pow! added to the masthead was published in 1972.

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