2000 AD prog 1052 cover

Cover by Jason Brashill

Witch World is a 2000 AD comic strip written by Gordon Rennie and drawn by Siku, Paul Johnson, Will Simpson and John M. Burns. It tells the tale of the alien planet of Pellin, crushed for over one thousand years in the iron grip of an oligarchy that artificially prevents the citizens from advancing beyond medieval culture. Now a young girl named Caitlin has been born with mysterious powers that may be the salvation of her people – if she can survive long enough to use them.

Rennie himself is not a big fan of the strip: "Of everything I've ever written, Witch World is easily the one thing I wish I hadn't. The fact it was hackneyed old rubbish is still a source of eternal mortification. Chopping and changing artists every few episodes didn't help, but the series being crap was the biggest drawback. I didn't think much of my idea when I pitched it, and I absolutely hated writing it." (Source: Thrill-Power Overload by David Bishop.)

The strip was divided into four stories:

  • 'The Dark Man' (progs 1050 to 1052)
  • 'Wolfshead' (progs 1053 to 1054)
  • 'The Anatomist' (progs 1055 to 1058)
  • 'Closing Shadows' (progs 1059 to 1061)

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