Ken Reid's World Wide Weirdies is one of three sister series of works he drew, along with Creepy Creations and Wanted Posters.  The World Wide Weirdies series began its near weekly run in IPC's Whoopee! comic in the 12 September 1974 issue, the first issue of the merger of Whoopee! with Shiver and Shake and continued until October 1978. Prior to the merger of the two titles, Reid had drawn the Wanted Poster series for Whoopee! since its first issue (dated 9 March 1974), and had also drawn the Creepy Creations series for Shiver & Shake. Usually displayed in colour on the back cover, they are among the most striking images to have appeared in the two titles. They were based on ideas submitted by readers, with anyone whose idea was used winning a cash prize of two pounds!