X Men weekly1
X-Men 1

Issue #1 Free Gift

X-Men was a weekly title launched by Marvel UK on 27th April 1983, featuring reprints of the adventures of the original X-Men (initially by Stan Lee) from their first issue onwards; this was actually the third time these stories had been reprinted by Marvel UK since 1973. The title lasted just 17 issues before being merged with Thor, which had been launched around the same time and which was duly renamed Thor and X-Men for the remainder of its run. X-Men carried a banner at the top of the cover claiming that every page was in "great Marvel colour"; in practice, "Marvel colour" basically meant that for reasons of economy, some pages were in full colour but most were in a kind of two-tone which might just as well have been black and white. The first three issues carried cover mounted free gifts; a plastic "spinner gun" in issue #1 and X-Men stickers in #2 and #3.

More than a decade later, a second X-Men title was launched featuring a later incarnation of the team.