Yi Yang

Yi Yang
Real name
Yi Yang
Snow Queen
Dragon Tong

Unusual features
Scars on right side of body
First appearance


Yi Yang was a crimelord known as the Snow Queen, the head of the Dragon Tong who smuggled drugs into New York City in the 1930s. Claiming to be an immortal, several thousand years old, she formed a deep hatred of the vigilante Night Raven after he interfered in her operations, and took an unusual revenge on him: she dosed him with an unknown compound which made him as immortal as herself, but began to progressively corrode his body and mind, effectively sentencing him to an eternity of torment. The two clashed repeatedly after this. Night Raven eventually found a cure for the corrosive effect, but not before irreversible damage was done, leaving him hideously scarred and totally deranged. In 1983, he faced Yi Yang again and blew up a boat she was on; she survived, but the right side of her body was terribly burned, leaving her scarred and in continual pain. In recent years, the warring pair fought again, and both seemingly perished in a helicopter explosion in Russia, but no bodies were found. Yi Yang has since resurfaced alive, and since Night Raven is as unkillable as she is, it seems unlikely their deadly rivalry will ever end.

Powers and abilities


Immortality: Yi Yang is immortal, seemingly impossible to kill.


Her immortality does not protect her from injury.


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