Yosay Tilman

Yosay Tilman
Real name
Yosay Tilman
Ally of Ardeni and Arlen Lakam
Base of operations

Marital status
Special agent
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Yosay Tilman was a character from the Starlord strip Mind Wars. He was an agent of the human Stellar Federation, which was locked in an unending war against the alien Jugla. He was also the personal troubleshooter of Doctor Varn, the Federal Controller, who was the most powerful human in the galaxy.

At the start of the story Tilman was based on Vulcrugon, where super-powered twins Ardeni and Arlen Lakam were being put on trial because they had developed powerful and dangerous psychic talents, including the ability to raise the dead. This understandably made the authorities nervous, but they reacted by treating the two traumatised teenagers like psychotic terrorists. When they escaped from the trial Tilman offered them sanctuary on his space ship, the MWS1.

Doctor Varn ordered Tilman to kill the twins, because they had received their powers (without their knowledge or consent) from the Jugla. Tilman baulked at becoming his new friends' executioner, and when the twins used their powers to stop him from shooting them he decided to help them instead.

When the Jugla were manipulating the twins into detonating an Earth-destroying bomb, Tilman's encouragement helped Ardeni to break free of their control. Sadly, the only way she could save the Earth was by killing her brother. At Arlen's funeral Tilman, who had become thoroughly fed up with his boss, punched Doctor Varn to the floor and did a bunk with Ardeni on the Federal Controller's star cruiser, the Vegan Belle. The next time Tilman met Doctor Varn he first threatened to kill and then marooned him on an asteroid.

Ardeni eventually marooned the human and Jugla leaders on the same planet and neutralised all their weapons. Tilman ended up leaving with her and her new friend Tarsh for parts unknown, having realised that his chances of being employed again by the Stellar Federation were well and truly scuppered.

Powers and abilities


Punching people.

Strength level

Peak human male.


Insubordination. (Which is also a strength, of course.)



MWS1; Ortega's Folly; Solar Saint; Vegan Belle; Huntress of Altair (all space ships).


Energiser beam.


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