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He's a viewscreen, basically.
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Created by the mysterious alien society known only as The System, Zen was an Artificial Intelligence, the onboard master computer of the starship Liberator which was discovered floating adrift and commandeered by the political dissident Roj Blake and his band of freedom fighters, Blake's 7. Most of the crew regarded Zen as one of them, though Avon considered this ridiculous since he considered the computer a mere machine, albeit a complex one. Zen, however, did exhibit what appeared to be genuine feelings of fondness for 'his' crew. Zen ultimately 'died' when Liberator was infected with a metal eating spaceborne virus and broke up.


Zen originated in the BBC TV series Blake's 7 and appeared in both the Blake's 7 Annuals published by World Distributors and the 1995 Blake's 7 Winter Special published by Marvel UK.


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